Friday, November 6, 2015

Repatriation of Group B Officers to their Home Circles

The Postal Directorate vide memo No. 9-04/2015-SPG dated 05.11.2015 has issued the repatriation orders of 43 Group "B" officers to their home Circles.



Promotion ( Regular & Adhoc) and Transfers in ASP Cadre

CPMG, HP Circle has issued Promotion and Transfer orders in ASP cadre under their Memo number STA/30-3/2012 dated 05-11-2015 as per following details:
1.       Promotion in ASP Cadre on regular basis

Sh. Baljit Kumar
ASP Palampur
Sh. Hardev Sharma
ASP (Vig.) CO Shimla
Sh. Anokhe lal
ASP,  Shimla Division
2.       Promotion in ASP Cadre on adhoc basis

Sh. S.S. Banyal
ASP Kangra
Sh. Manohar Lal
ASP Kullu

3.       Transfers in  ASP Cadre

Sh. Swaroop Chand Sharma
 From ASP Shimla Divn. to ASP Dehra
Sh. Sanjay Kunar
From ASP Kullu to ASP(T) Mandi
Sh. Sanjeev Kumar
From ASP(T) Mandi to ASP Hamirpur

The Association congratulates the all officers


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Transfer/Posting in Group 'B' and ASP Cadre

Circle Office Shimla vide its memo number STA/30-2/2015 dated 24/31-08-2015 issue the transfers of following officers:-

1. Sh. R.S. Rana, officiating SSPO's Shimla on his reversion to Group 'B' cadre has been posted as AD (Account) cum DDM (PLI), Circle Office, Shimla.

2. Sh. Ved Prakash Sharma,  officiating AD (Account) cum DDM (PLI), on his reversion to ASP cadre has been posted as ASP (Court) Circle Office, Shimla.

3. Sh. Surinder Singh, officiating ASP (Court) has been transferred and posted as ASP (HQ) Mandi on adhoc basis against the vacant post.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Combined Gradation List of Inspector posts, 2001 batch onwards - Himachal Pradesh Circle

Objections/Representations, if any should be forwarded to Circle Office within 10 days for consideration please.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Re-allotment of IPoS- JTS/STS cadre

Postal Directorate vide their memo number 4-13/2013-SPG dated 05-08-15 issued re-allotment of ten IPoS-JTS/STS rank Officer. Sh. Bishan Singh (IPoS-2010)has been allotted to Himachal Pradesh Circle from his present posting at Postal Directorate as ADG(IR). Association welcomes the officer in his Home Circle. /BLOGMASTER

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Supplementary DPC - Group B for the year 2014-15

Directorate has issued the result of supplementary DPC for the promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B against the vacancies of 2014-15 vide its memo No. 9-25/2014-SPG dated 14/7/2015. 

Total 34 officers have been elevated to PSS Group B, out of which one officer belongs to H.P. Circle.

Sh. Som Dutt Rana (presently officiating as SRM, Mandi) of Himachal Pradesh has been elevated to the PSS Group B and further allotted to H.P. Circle.

The Association congratulates the officer and also welcomes him.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Transfer/Posting in Inspector Posts Cadre

Circle Office vide memo number STA/30-9/2014  dated 10-06-2015 issued the transfer/posting orders of following Inspector Posts:-

1. Sh. Sandeep Kumar (APS) has been posted as SDI Barsar
2. Sh. Bodh Raj (APS) has been posted as SDI Mandi (South)
3. Sh. Manoj Kumar(APS) has been posted as SDI Hamirpur (West)
4. Sh. Vijay Kumar (APS) has been posted as SDI Baijnath
5. Sh. Sandeep Kumar (Barsar HO) has been posted as SDI Jawali
6. Sh. Ramesh Kumar (APS) has been posted as SDI Parwanoo
7. Sh. Lalit Kumar (APS) has been posted as SDI Subathu
8. Sh. Rajesh (Dharamsala DO) has been posted as SDI Amb
9. Sh. Gagan Bawa (APS) has been posted as SDI Palampur
10. Sh. Rakesh Kumar SDI Parwanoo has been transferred & posted as II (CO) Shimla.

Association congratulates the all officers.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Transfer/Adhoc Posting in Group B Cadre

Himachal Pradesh Postal Circle has issued transfer/Posting orders of following officers under memo number STA/30-2/2013 dated 02-06-2015.

1) Sh. Yashpal Singh, SPO's Chamba has been transferred and posted as SPO's Dehra.

2) Sh. Som Dutt Rana will continue to officiate as SRM, 'HP' RMS division, Mandi (H.P.).

3) Sh. Santosh Kumar, ASP (HQ) Mandi is promoted and posted as SPO's Chamba on adhoc basis.

4) Sh. Madan Singh Rana, ASP Palampur is promoted and posted as SPO's Una on adhoc basis.


Friday, May 29, 2015

Retirement in Group 'B' Cadre - HP Circle

Sh. Pritam Chand Sharma, SPO's Dehra (An officer of IPO line) is retiring from service today. Association wishes him good health and happy days after retirement.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Major General Amil Kumar Shori assumed the charge of CPMG, HP

Major General Amil Kumar Shori (IPoS-1982 Batch) joined as CPMG, Himachal Pradesh at Shimla on 11-05-2015.

The Association welcomes the officer in HP Circle.


Result - Inspector Posts Examination 2014

 Result – Inspector Posts Examinations 2014

Sr. No.
Name (S/Sh,)
Marks Obtained
Name of Division
Sandeep Kumar
Bodh Raj
Manoj Kumar
Vijay Kumar
Sandeep Kumar
Hamirpur Division
Ramesh Kumar
Lalit Kumar
Dharamsala Division
Gagan Bawa

 Association congratulates all the successful officers and welcomes them in the IP cadre.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Updates ......

Sh. Anant Narayan Nanda, Ex-CPMG HP has relinquished his duties on 27/03/2015 afternoon and proceeded for his new assignment as CPMG, Kerala. Associations thanks the officer for his co-operation with the Association and wish him best of luck for his new assignment.

Sh. Nirmal Singh, Ex-Director (FS) Dak Bhawan has assumed his duties as Director Postal Services (HQ) Shimla on 27/03/2015 forenoon. Association welcomes the officer in his home Circle.

Sh. Dhruv Raj Sharma, SPO's Una  (An officer of IPO line) is retiring from service today. Association wishes him good health and happy days after retirement.

Sh. Bidhi Chand, ASPO's (HQ) Dehra is retiring from service today. Association wishes him good health and happy days after retirement.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Posting Orders - DPS (HQ) H.P. Circle Shimla

Postal Directorate vide its memo number 2-2/2015-SPG dated 03-03-2015 has issued transfer orders of 15 JAG level IPoS officers. Sh. Nirmal Singh (IPoS-2004 batch) has been transferred from his present posting of Director (FS) and posted as DPS(HQ) H.P. Circle at Shimla.

Association warmly welcomes the officer, our new DPS (HQ) to his home State.


Sunday, February 1, 2015


Sh. Ram Shabd MishraDirector Postal Services HP Circle Shimla had retired from service on 30/31-01-2015 on superannuation. 
IP/ASP association, Himachal Pradesh Circle Branch affectionately bids him farewell and wishes him a happy and peaceful retired life.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Glimpses from 18th H.P. Circle Conference held at Kali Bari Hall Shimla

18th H.P. Circle Conference at Kali Bari Hall, Shimla

The 18th Circle Conference of H.P. unit of All India Association of Inspector Posts and Assistant Superintendent Posts held at Kali Bari Hall, Shimla on 17-01-2015. The following office bearers/CWC members elected unanimously:
Sh. B.S. Sen, SPOs (Adhoc) Solan Division, Solan-173211
Vice President-I
Sh. V.P. Sharma, DDM (Adhoc) PLI O/o CPMG, HP Circle Shimla-171009
Vice President-II
Sh. Rupinder Singh Rana, ASP Bilaspur Sub Division, Bilaspur-174001
Circle Secretary
Sh. Rattan Chand Sharma, ASP (Training) cum SPOC-CBS O/o CPMG, HP Circle Shimla-171009
Assistant Circle Secretary-I
Sh. Sanjay Kumar, ASP Kullu (N) Sub Division, Kullu - 175101
Assistant Circle Secretary-II
Sh. Bhupinder Singh, ASRM RMS HPDivision Mandi – 175001
Assistant Circle Secretary-III
Sh. Sunny Bhardwaj, IP Una Sub Division, Una – 174303
Organizing Secretary-I
Sh. R.D. Pathak, ASP Shimla (W) Sub division, Shimla-171001
Organizing Secretary-II
Sh. Surender Singh, ASP (Court) O/o CPMG, HP Circle Shimla-171009
Organizing Secretary-III
Sh. Vijay Kumar, ASP (T) O/o SPOs Dharmasala - 176215
Organizing Secretary-IV
Sh. Jitender Kumar, IP Rampur Sub Division, Rampur-172001
Sh. Sandeep Dharmani, IP Ghumarwin Sub Division Ghumarwin - 174021
Assistant Treasurer
Sh. Vineet Bhardwaj, IP Dehra Sub Division, Dehra - 177101
Sh. Hardev Sharma, ASP (Vigilance) O/o CPMG, HP Circle Shimla-171009
CWC Members:-
1.      Smt. Menka Verma, IP Shimla (E) Sub Division Shimla (H.P.) - 171004
2.      Sh. Ravinder Kumar, ASP (HQ) Una Division Una (H.P.) – 174303
3.      Sh. Sh. Sanjeev Kumar, ASP (T) Mandi (H.P.) - 175001
4.      Sh. Joginder Singh, ASP Sundernagar Sub Division Distt. Mandi (H.P.) - 175019
5.      Sh. S.S. Banyal, ASP Kangra Sub Division Kangra (H.P.) - 176001
6.      Sh. Tilak Raj, IP Subathu Sub Division, Subathu Distt. Solan (H.P.) - 173206
7.      Sh. Rajeev Gurung, IP Dalhousie Distt. Chamba (H.P.) - 176304
8.      Sh. Vivek Nidhi Singh, IP Amb Distt. Una (H.P.) - 177203
9.      Sh. Rajesh Kumar, IP Nurpur Sub Division, Nurpur Distt. Kangra (H.P.)- 176202

Friday, November 21, 2014

Transfers/Postings - Group A & B (Regular & Adhoc)

The Circle Office has issued following orders under memo number STA/30-2/2013 dated 21-11-2014

1. Sh. R.S. Rana, SPO's Chamba has been promoted on adhoc basis to Group A and posted as SSPO's Shimla vice Sh. D.S. Kapoor, retiring on superannuation on 30-11-14 afternoon.

2. Sh. Madan Singh Rana, ASPO's Palampur has been promoted on adhoc basis to PS Group B and posted as AD (accounts)/DDM (PLI), Circle Office Shimla vice Sh. B.S. Sen, transferred.

3. Sh. P.C. Gautam, ASPO's Solan (T) has been promoted on adhoc basis to PS Group B and posted as  Sr. Postmaster vice Sh. Yashpal, transferred.

4. Sh. R.K. Chaudhary, SPO's Solan has been transferred and posted as SPO's Dharamsala against the vacant post.

5. Sh. B.S. Sen, AD (accounts) cum DDM (PLI) has been transferred and posted as SPO's Solan vice Sh. R.K. Chaudhary, transferred.

6. Sh. Yashpal, Sr. Postmaster has been transferred and posted as SPO's Chamba vice Sh. R.S. Rana, promoted.

The Association Congratulates all the Officers.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Meeting with 7CPC at Shimla

We came to know at about 1600 hours on 12/11/2014 that Himachal Pradesh Branch of All India Association of Inspector Posts & Assistant Superintendent Posts has been allotted  20 minutes slot (at 1740 hours on 12/11/2014 itself) for discussion/meeting with  Hon’ble CPC (After seeing their engagement program as no formal invitation/confirmation on telephone or e-Mail has been received from any CPC authority).   

            Accordingly we planned to present our self as per the memorandum already submitted to them in advance. Since there are three associations/Unions from H.P. Postal Circle (IP/ASP Association, Administrative Union NFPE (Group C & D) and AIPEU Group-C Union) having appointments with CPC and the CPC just want to hear us on the issues specially related to Himachal Pradesh & not on All India issues. They also commented that the issues are almost common and offered to club the meeting of all the three postal entities combined, to which all have to agree.
            Total 15 members from three entities have attended the scheduled meeting, out of which following two representatives from our association have attended the meeting.

1)    Rattan Chand Sharma, Circle Secretary, IP/ASP Association-HP

2)    Surinder Singh, Organizing Secretary-II, IP/ASP Association-HP
Following members/officers from 7th CPC have attended the meeting. 

1.            Justice Shri Ashok Kumar Mathur – Chairman

2.            Sh. Vivek Rae – Member

3.            Smt. Meena Aggarwal- Secretary

4.            Sh. Sameer Sinha – Joint Secretary

5.            Sh. Jayant Sinha

6.            Sh. Rajeev Mishra

Since they only want to hear us on the issues related to the Himachal Pradesh, we discussed following items with them

1)   Cost of Living in Shimla and its corresponding affect on enhancement of HRA, RLA & Transport Allowance.

2)   Hard Area Allowance for higher reaches of Himachal Pradesh

3)   Enhancement of Daily Allowance, while on tour OR relaxing the production of bills

4)   Extension of CGHS facility to Himachal Pradesh

Other items discussed are Reimbursement of medical expenses to retirees, Atleast one increment benefit to all promotes even to the lower grade-pay, Twelve Casual leaves, Keeping Compensatory Allowances out of the purview of Income Tax etc.

 The members from CPC calmly heard the facts and logics given by us and assured to consider these while finalizing these items. The meeting ended with thanks to the Chair.